Personalized Cannabis Infused Healing

Sei Bella Wellness is not a typical cannabis business.  Our passion is pairing patients with the appropriate strain of cannabis determined by matching patient DNA to the appropriate DNA strain of cannabis to maximize the well-being of medical patients. 


Premier wellness establishments comprised of indoor growing facilities, extraction laboratories, commercial kitchens and dispensaries create custom products of impeccable quality to treat patients from the inside out.  If you do not see Sei Bella products at your local dispensary, ask your budtender to contact us to place an order.


Products include 21 strains of flower, numerous oils, various edibles and gourmet food products.  Our classically trained chefs and culinary team personally creates a delicious menu and food products of cannabis infused health-conscious items for legal medical patients including a variety of products with natural healing sugars, gluten free options that are ethical and sustainably sourced ingredients with an emphasis on local ingredients.  Our approach starts with the customized needs of the patient designed with their lifestyle in mind.  



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